All Saints’ Church, Brisbane Music for Weddings

Music has a very important role in Christian liturgies and no less so at your wedding. Therefore, much care is needed in choosing appropriate music for your wedding.

All Saints’ Church is identified with excellence in traditional worship. All Saints’ Church has an historically important organ, built in London in 1873 for Brisbane’s first cathedral and which, since its relocation to All Saints’ in the 1950’s has been restored, enlarged and completely rebuilt in 2007. The Director of Music or a suitable qualified deputy will be the organist at your wedding. The organist’s fee is included in the fee for weddings at All Saints’ and which is to be paid prior to your wedding.

The following comments are intended to assist you in selecting appropriate music for your wedding at All Saints’.

The music at a wedding would normally include:

–          Music before the service, while your guests are being seated in the church

–          Music for the Entrance of the Bride

–          Usually one, and sometimes two hymns

–          Music during the Signing of the Register

–           A Recessional or “Wedding March” during which the wedding party and then the congregation departs from the church

Additional music may be required when the wedding occurs in the context of a Nuptial Mass. If this is the case, the Director of Music will discuss this with you.


Entrance and Recessional Music We recommend the following pieces for the Entrance of the Bride and the Recessional or “Wedding March”

Suitable for the “Entrance of the Bride

  • Charpentier, Prelude to the Te Deum
  • Handel, Overture to the Royal Fireworks Music
  • Wagner, Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin

Suitable for the “Wedding March”

  • Handel, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, from Solomon
  • Handel, Minuet from the Royal Fireworks Musi
  • Handel, Hornpipe from the Water Music
  • Mendelssohn, Wedding March from a Midsummer Night’s Dream

While we recommend these pieces, there are numerous other pieces which may be suitable. Our organists’ repertoires extend beyond this list, so if there is another piece which you would prefer, it may be possible to include it. Please discuss this with the Director of Music. Please note that not all music can be performed effectively on an organ, and even organ music is best performed on an organ with particular specifications and qualities for a particular work. Accordingly, there may be practical and artistic reasons why we cannot accommodate your requests.

Some couples choose to engage a harpist, string quartet or other instrumentalists to play music during the Entrance and Recessional and at other times. It is certainly possible to do this at All Saints’. The fee payable to the musicians is a matter which you should arrange with the musicians directly. If the musicians require a prior rehearsal in the church, you should arrange this with the Director of Music. An additional fee may be payable to the church for this.  

At All Saints’ the use of recorded, electronically reproduced music, or other music requiring amplification, is discouraged.


Before the Service and during the Signing of the Register

Music before the service and during the Signing of the Register will normally be selected by the organist but, if you have particular requirements in this regard, please discuss this with the Director of Music. You may wish to  invite singers or other musicians to perform suitable music. Singers must be capable of projecting their voices without electronic amplification and the choice of song(s) must be approved by the officiating priest and the Director of Music. Please note that “pop songs” and other forms of secular music are often not suited for use in church. It may be more appropriate to have this music performed at your wedding reception.

If the singer(s) or other musician(s) require organ accompaniment, please provide the organist with a printed copy of the intended music at least fourteen (14) days before the day of the wedding. The singer(s) or musician(s) must arrange to meet with the organist for a rehearsal at a mutually agreed time before the day of the wedding. 

The church’s choir, known as the All Saints’ Singers, can provide a small vocal ensemble or accomplished soloists to support the singing of your hymn(s) and to perform suitable music during the Signing of the Register. An additional fee is payable for this. Please contact the Director of Music for further information.


At least one hymn is included in most wedding ceremonies at All Saints’.  If, however, you believe that your guests who will comprise the congregation at your wedding are not confident hymn singers, you should inform the officiating priest who may suggest that you engage the church choir (see above), or, otherwise, forego the wedding hymn.

There are many hymns which are suitable for a wedding service. The following hymns are highly recommended:-

First Line
O Father all creating
O thou who gavest power to love
Praise, my soul, the king of Heaven         
Praise my soul
Praise to the lord the Almighty
Lobe den Herren
Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us
Love divine, all loves excelling
Blaenwern or Hyfrodol
Now thank we all our God
Nun Danket
O perfect Love        
O Perfect Love

There are many websites devoted to hymns. Many set out the lyrics of the hymn, (some with American spelling, which before the printing of your Order of Service, may need to be edited), and which provide a helpful MIDI file which enable you to hear the hymn tune.

Such sites are Oremus hymnal and Cyberhymnal .

Your selection of music and hymn(s) is usually printed in the “Order of Service” for your wedding.

Enquiries about music for your wedding at All Saints’ are most welcome. Please feel free to contact our Director of Music, via the Parish Office on (07) 3236 3692.